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Since 2012

About Us

“Champions are made, not born”

Our Gym

At Phuket Fight Club, we truly believe in working hard, no matter if your goal is to become a Champion in the ring, life in general – or even both!

Phuket Fight Club offers traditional Muay Thai training, mma, bjj, wrestling, judo for kids and crossFit and welcomes all levels of boxers from all over the world; professionals or students alike.
At our training center, you can join classes or become the next true Champion in a clean, friendly and motivational environment. Whether you want to improve your general level of fitness, improve your Muay Thai skills, prepare for competitions abroad, or join fight matches in Thailand, Phuket Fight Club can meet all your demands.

At the Phuket Fight Club, you can either join individual or group classes in a clean, motivational and friendly environment. No matter which ambition you have, we can help you meeting your individual goal. Our staff and trainers are highly skilled and experienced and our proven track record speaks for itself.

Improve your life

Real Training
Real Results

Phuket Fight Club built a training schedule based on our expert Coaches that encloses the best techniques, we also train how to manage physical and mental preparation. We abide to a strict rule set that we’ve set for ourselves in order to create true success and desired results for our participants. We believe that with the right motivation, the best possible training, best training partners, our experienced and skilled trainers, the true Champions can be made.

Where are you located?

The Phuket Fight Club is located at 19/2 Moo 3 Soi Palai, Chalong, Phuket.
We are on the same street of Phuket Zoo and few hundred meters away from the
Sea with a nice pier and some restaurants.

Where can I stay while training at the Phuket Fight Club?

At the Phuket Fight Club, you can stay right at the training Center in order to be near your training and classes.  See our Accommodation Page for details.

What does a typical Muay Thai class look like?

A typical Muay Thai class at the Phuket Fight Club would be consisting of an initial
warmup running, skipping rope and shadow boxing.
Then, some sessions you will sparr, do pad and bagwork and clinching.
To finish, sprints or strength and conditioning workout.

Which skills do I need prior to training at the Phuket Fight Club?

To train at the Phuket Fight Club, you don’t necessarily need to bring any skills or
experience with you. We cater to participants of all abilities, from professional fighters to beginners alike. The trainers can teach all the basics and prepare to fight.

Where can I eat?

Near the Phuket Fight Club there are some choices.
Next door to our gym, you can find a restaurant open daily until 22h.
On the same street there are have many thai mini mart and restaurants that serves food is pretty cheap and healthy.
Near the waterfront there are several good restaurants specializing in fresh seafood
Couple kilometers away, on Soi Taied you can find more variety of food: barbecue, Turkish food, Vegan food, etc. The cheapest restaurants.
Some restaurants delivery for free to our location, as Allis BBQ, BBQ Club and Mangia Fuoco. Just look for them on Facebook, check the menu and order by Messenger or WhatsApp.

What should I bring with me?

As a matter of hygiene, we recommend you bring your own gloves, shin pads, hands wraps and mouth guard.
Come with your running shoes and wearing comfortable clothing that you can move freely.



Training Hours
Monday to Saturday
07.30 - 07.30pm
Sunday Closed

Office Opening Time
Monday to Saturday
08.00am – 08.00pm
Sunday Closed


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